Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Socialist Ankle-Biter-in-Chief
Democrat politician, Jerrold L. "Jerry" Nadler, has been the U.S. Representative (currently in New York's 10th district) since 1992 –14 terms, so far. Before that, he was in the New York State Assembly from 1977 to 1992. Now that the Democrats have achieved a majority in the House, Nadler’s seniority gives him the chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee which has jurisdiction over matters relating to the administration of justice in federal courts, administrative bodies, and law enforcement agencies. A powerful position.
The New York Post: Jerry Nadler’s agenda: ankle-biting Trump. “We will be holding people accountable,” Nadler is warning as his moment in the national spotlight finally arrives. And there’s no mistaking that moving to impeach President Trump tops his list. With people like Jerry Nadler leading the charge, don’t expect them to play it smart, either.
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: The Pathetic Partnership of Jerry Nadler and Iran.When it came time to protect the United States, America’s Arab allies and the State of Israel against the threat posed by Iran, Rep. Jerold Nadler chose party loyalty over the national interest.”
Nadler said that protecting the Mueller investigation is his top "oversight" priority and gun control is one of his top legislative priorities.  
Nadler said Trump's recent temporary appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General is not legal because the Senate has not given its advice and consent. "But I'll go further -- his appointment is simply part of an attack on the investigation by Robert Mueller, the special counsel. It's part of a pattern of interference by the president and part of a pattern of obstruction.” Ask him how that is and you’ll not get an answer.
As part of the pro-abortion lobby, he is already plotting to impeach Justice Kavanaugh before his seat on the Supreme Court is warm. Nadler was overheard on an Amtrak train to D.C. talking about investigating Kavanaugh and accusing him of perjury.
Nadler is a long-time member of the Democratic Socialists of America [DSA]. It is the largest socialist organization in the United States and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International. The DSA attained new visibility with the election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also  in New York. Indoctrination in academia, along with the supporting programming of the so-called Mainstream Media, are having a leftist effect on millennials. History of the world is not taught much anymore, so this generation does not have knowledge of the disastrous effect of socialist experiments.            A Harvard University survey found that 51 percent of respondents between the ages of 18 and 29 no longer say they support capitalism. 
Socialism has never been successful in any country.  The Soviet Union was a huge failure and who wants to live in North Korea, Cuba, or Venezuela?  As Charles W. Calomiris of the Manhattan Institute wrote recently.  “Socialism is a false promise, an ideological opium that repressive elites use to retain and expand power. Capitalism, in contrast, is seen as the force that has lifted over a billion people out of poverty worldwide since 1990.” See Socialism: The Opiate of the Corrupt and Ignorant .

How does Nadler’s embrace of socialism influence his voting record which affects all the rest of us? Let’s ask the National Taxpayers Union.  NTU reports that Nadler’s score is significantly below average and qualifies for a grade of "F." This failing grade places the member in the "Big Spender" category.  Socialists believe that governments should make decisions on how citizens’ money is spent.
The bigger the government the more inefficiency and waste, right? Let’s go to another non-partisan rating service, Citizens Against Government Waste CAGW, for how they rate Nadler on that measure. He gets a “D: Hostile to Taxpayers.” 
Socialists don’t like free-market businesses, but The Club for Growth knows that a free market economy produces prosperity and generates taxes for government operations. The Club rates Nadler’s lifetime score at 4% of a 100% --at the bottom of congressional support of the economy. 
Heritage Action is the policy advocacy affiliate of the conservative Heritage Foundation, a polar-opposite of a socialist organization. As expected, it rates Nadler 8% of 100%.
Sufficient to say that Nadler’s long tenure has not been beneficial to our country and a clear drag on the economy and fedgov spending resulting in a huge national debt. See the http://www.usdebtclock.org/  it has much useful information that socialists ignore at our peril.
Too bad for the country but Nadler is not alone in the new Congress – there are about 70 socialist members who will be heading major committees including two recent Posters , Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters.  Folks, we need term limits on Congress now more than ever!  See U.S. Term Limits new weekly podcasts for what is being done on that issue:  No Uncertain Terms