Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bi-Partisan Tie for "the worst of a bad lot"

From the Office of U.S. Term Limits

December 14th, 2015


The results are in; your hundreds of votes have been counted. We now know who you think is the ultimate symbol of careerism in congress. And it's a bipartisan tie!

Senator Mitch McConnell and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.  They are the epitome of career politicians and the ultimate Washington insiders.  

They have served a combined 58 years in the House and the Senate. McConnell has 30 years in the Senate and Pelosi has 28 years in Congress. The founding fathers never intended for people to spend that amount of time in the same office. After all, how can you keep in touch with what the people are going through when you haven't had to leave the beltway in three decades?

McConnell and Pelosi both created a lot of opposition in Congress, but had very little competition in their general elections due to incumbency.

It is time to put term limits on Congress to make sure this doesn't happen again. We deserve better and the next generation deserves better.

That's why we launched the Term Limits Convention, a campaign to get states to call an amendment-proposing convention under Article V of the Constitution. Using this tool, states can secure a precise amendment for term limits on Congress without needing consent from Congress.

If you support this historic campaign to term limit Congress, please click here to make your best donation to U.S. Term Limits today.


Nick Tomboulides
U.S. Term Limits

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