Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hostile to Future Taxpayers, Our Children

 This poster continues our expose´ of corrupt politicians. May I introduce Political Hack Extraordinaire, Senator Patty Murray…see also the poster for Babs Boxer

       Patricia Lynn "Patty" Murray, 63, received her B.A. degree in physical education from Washington State University in 1972. For several years she taught preschool and a parenting class at Shoreline Community College from 1984 to 1987. She was so angry when her parenting class was discontinued--because no one signed up for it--that she became a citizen-lobbyist to get her job back. That led to a run for the State Senate which she won in 1989. In 1993 she made it to the U.S. Senate and has been there ever since. Preschool teacher, sparse class on parenting, lobbying to keep her by then no-student class and then, naturally, politics. Notice the pattern? Virtually all of our Posters have had little or no experience in the private sector, yet they make the rules for the markets.

      Overshadowing her other outrageous, or just plain stupid, utterances is this one praising the murderer of thousands of Americans on 9/11. In attempting to explain why the US has such problems winning hearts and minds in the Muslim world, she opined that
"Osama bin Laden had been out in these countries for decades, building schools, building roads, building infrastructure, building daycare facilities, building health care facilities, and the people are extremely grateful. He's made their lives better. We have not done that."
     Then there’s this one: “Today the biggest fear our kids live with is whether ... the kid beside them has a gun. We have to give them skills so they feel confident to deal with it." Excuse me? Is that what Senators are supposed to do?

       We’ll spare you other dumb things she’s said and get to her record. The liberal-left Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) gave Murray a 95% rating in the 112th Congress –she lost the 5 percentage points for voting in favor of free trade with S. Korea. This rating was among ADA’s highest while, in contrast, the conservative Heritage Action Scorecard rates her at 8%--among the lowest in Congress. The non-partisan Citizens Against Government Waste rates her “Hostile” to taxpayers at 18% while the National Taxpayers Union gives her an “F” for every year in the Senate. That failing grade earns her the moniker “Big Spender.” Any wonder that with Representatives like her we have a $16 trillion debt? The Club for Growth scores her at 5% --89th of 100 Senators; as anti-growth as they get.

     And without growth in the economy we’ll never get to a balanced budget. Can you see Greece from here?

     I’ll leave it to the concerned reader to check out the individual votes at the sites I mentioned. Suffice it for our purpose to show her overall big spending statist record. You may call it socialist, fascist, communist or “progressive;” –her record has elements of each. In her case, ideology is undoubtedly beyond her understanding. She just goes along with her leadership to keep her job. And she’s probably still smarting about being fired for her parenting class failure.

     As Chair of the Senate Budget Committee, her proudest, most recent “accomplishment” is the Democrat budget calling for almost $1 trillion in growth-killing tax increases over the coming decade--while sheltering all of the welfare and current spending programs for special interests. With built-in increases! Comparing her budget with the House version she said, “We have presented very different visions for how our country should work and who it should work for." Indeed! BTW, that’s the first proposed budget offered by the Senate in over four years and, of course, it never balances over the next ten years driving the deficit up many $trillions more. The huge borrowing in her budget is aimed directly at our children, breaking into their piggy banks and stealing their money. This generational theft will prevent any chance of a prosperous future for our children and their children. It is so outrageously uneconomic and unrealistic—and unethical-- that even this Congress cannot lower itself to agree to it.

    History shows that all great democracies have committed financial suicide 200 to 250 years after being founded. The reason? The citizens figured out they could vote themselves money from the treasury by electing people who promised to give them expensive benefits in exchange for electing them. And that’s what DemParty Patty does to keep her voters happy.

    Our Founders gave us a Republic enshrining the rule of law and overturning the almost universal top-down rule of men. But now the professional politicians have perverted the Constitution so they can vote to take money from some and give it to their supporters –worse, politicians vote to borrow additional funds from future generations to dole out even more to buy their seats in Congress. Folks, that’s Corruption with a capital C.

   The Professional Politicians have been destroying our country and at this point the only reform that can counter this disastrous trend is term limits on Congress. We have a proposed amendment to the Constitution in both the Senate and the House with many co-sponsors. We can do this. You can help by signing the petition to Congress in favor of the Amendment. Go to www.termlimits.org and sign on.

   Your children and grandchildren depend on you to give them a free Republic just like the one you inherited.

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