Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jim Moran, Racist Pig

Michelle Malkin's recent column excerpted here about 11-term Congressman James P. Moran sets the tone for our latest Poster Child from the 8th district of Virginia. That’s her headline above –I usually don’t get that rough-- for his constantly biased references to race. Michelle herself is categorized as a "minority" by those to whom skin color or where one’s ancestors came from is serious criterion for judging people. To most true Americans of the melting pot it is the individual that counts –it is one’s own actions that count, not the hue of one’s skin.

The following excerpts from that article:

… Jim Moran is an old white Democrat from Virginia who thinks he can judge whether we minority conservatives are acting sufficiently non-white enough. Moran's an inveterate bully, a brawler, a crook and a bigot. And not one of his civility-preaching liberal colleagues has the courage to call him out.
Responding …to GOP Rep. Allen West's blunt criticisms of President Obama … Moran derided the retired U.S. Army colonel, who is black, as "not representative of the African-American community." Moran then launched into the kind of tired race-traitor tirade I've heard from progressives of pallor for more than 20 years…To wit: Lt. Col. West "just seems clueless now that he has climbed aboard ship," Moran fumed. "He's climbed this ladder of opportunity that was constructed by so many of his ancestors' sweat, sacrifice, blood, you know, they did everything they could for his generation to be successful. But now that he's climbed on board ship, instead of reaching down and steadying the ladder, he wants to push it off."
… four consecutive generations of his family served in the U.S. armed forces. As a freshman congressman, West's message has been a compelling agenda of self-empowerment. For this, he is savaged by a House colleague as a racial saboteur …”
… he accused Tea Party activists of racism for sweeping out entrenched Democrats in the November 2010 midterm elections. It "happened for the same reason the Civil War happened in the United States. It happened because the Southern states, the slaveholding states, didn't want to see a president who was opposed to slavery," he ranted to Arabic-language television network Alhurra. "(A) lot of people in the United States don't want to be governed by an African-American, particularly one who is liberal, who wants to spend money and who wants to reach out to include everyone in our society."

Yet, only two short years before, this hopelessly racist nation put Obama in the Oval Office with a landslide victory. Logic never was the demagogue's strong suit.
As I've reported previously:
• While on the Alexandria (Va.) City Council, he was charged with casting a vote that helped a developer friend win a bid for a lucrative plot of public land. A special prosecutor concluded that Moran had violated the state's conflict-of-interest law. He sobbed as he pleaded no contest to a felony charge of vote-peddling. He received a year's probation for a reduced conflict-of-interest misdemeanor charge and was forced to resign.
• In 1995, he had to be subdued by Capitol Hill police when he threw a punch at California Republican Rep. Randy Cunningham on the House floor. After the incident, Moran blamed "talk radio" for creating a hostile environment in Washington. That same year, he screamed "I'll break your nose" at Indiana Republican Rep. Dan Burton during a hearing.
• In 2002, Moran revealed in financial disclosure statements that he accepted a $50,000 loan in January 2001 from an "old friend," billionaire America Online co-founder James Kimsey. The congressman claims to have paid the business mogul back at 15 percent interest over three months, and his spokesman emphasized the loan came with no accompanying quid pro quo.
• Kimsey's gift came on the heels of Moran's disclosure that he had received another Big Business-tied loan: $25,000 from "old friend" Terry Lierman, a drug industry lobbyist representing Schering-Plough. After getting that unsecured loan at a lower-than-market interest rate, Moran co-sponsored a bill that would extend the patent on Schering-Plough's allergy medicine Claritin -- and prevent generic drug manufacturers from offering inexpensive alternatives.
Liberal race-card abusers who lambaste patriotic minority conservatives to cover their own dirty deeds make my brown skin crawl.” So wrote Ms Malkin. Thank you, Michelle.

Some have called him "intemperate" for his nasty comments such as,

“When I become chairman [of a House appropriations subcommittee], I’m going to earmark the s**t out of it.” -- Jim Moran, June 9, 2006

“I don’t know where the f**k Obama is on this or anything else. They’re AWOL.” -- Jim Moran, December 9, 2010

“Better that the s**t hit the fan this week, and try to fix things next week before we go to Easter recess.” -- Jim Moran, April 6, 2011

I read Peter Schweizer’s book Throw Them All Out, and saw the 60 Minutes segment that told of members of Congress that engaged in insider trading, most notably in 2008 just before the financial crisis hit. Moran voted for it. Then, after hearing on September 16, 2008, Sec-Treas Paulson and Fed Chairman Bernanke held a “terrifying” closed-door classified meeting with members of Congress briefing them that a worldwide financial crisis was about to hit. The next day, Moran dumped the companies in his portfolio affected by that news --90 trades in that one day!

Looking for some –any-- socially redeeming virtue in this man as a member of congress we looked to non-partisan groups that have rated his voting record for it truly is by their fruits (votes) that ye shall know them.

Citizens Against Government Waste is a good place to start given the growth of the national debt during Moran’s tenure. CAGW rates Rep. Moran as “hostile” to taxpayers, their lowest rating. So, clearly he is one of the reason for the unsustainable national debt –he voted to raise the debt limit at every opportunity. Check out the votes here: mode=member&member=248
CAGW has named Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) Porker of the Month for his gobsmacking statement to the media on April 3 2014 that members of Congress are “underpaid.” Had he made the statement two days earlier, CAGW would have assumed that it was an April Fool’s joke. Instead, Rep. Moran was just behaving like the fool he has become after 12 terms in Congress (thankfully, this will be his last). Rep. Moran’s statement perfectly encapsulates the attitude of a significant number of members of Congress, a group characterized by their tone-deaf elitism, grinding sense of entitlement, and frightening disconnection from the realities of everyday American citizens. Since 2009, rank-and-file members of Congress have earned an annual salary of $174,000, more than all but the top 5 percent of U.S. wage earners, yet they have consistently failed in their fiduciary duty to the country and taxpayers. For giving voice to the widely-held perception that Congress has become a legislative body that is really about … members of Congress and what’s in it for them, Rep. Moran is CAGW’s April Porker of the Month. Read more about the Porker of the Month.

How about his votes on growth issues? The Club for Growth gives him a lifetime 14% with 100% being pro growth. “At a time when our national priority ought to be economic growth, House members have been busy stuffing the 2010 appropriations bills with wasteful pork projects. While Representatives John Campbell, Jeff Flake, and Jeb Hensarling offered 68 amendments to strip outrageous pork projects from the 12 annual spending bills, none of the amendments passed.” Moran voted against 67 of the 68 the limitations on pork spending.

Another non-partisan rating organization is the National Taxpayers Union and they call Rep. Moran, “Big Spender” with an “F: grade.

The Heritage Action, sister organization of The Heritage Foundation has a new scorecard based on conservative criteria “…for freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society.” No surprise he gets a “D” single-digit ratings for several years.

On the liberal side, The Americans for Democratic Action calls Moran a “liberal hero” for voting for Obamacare, Dodd-Frank and allowing homosexuals in the military and other bills to strengthen and grow the FedGov –the opposite, as you would expect, of what Heritage Action would be against.

His contempt for the US Constitution is apparent in his votes for unconstitutional bills and for his total disregard for the well-being of our future generations –his spending for those bills now that our children will have to pay for later is surely generation theft on a grand scale. Jim Moran deserves to be term-limited to limit the damage he is doing to the Republic. Please sign on to the petition calling for limits on congress:


Jason said...


Thanks for your blog. Your post on Moran got my attention because I am running against him this Fall as an Independent.

America matters too much to let persistent, partisan politics ruin everything we've built over 236 years. I'm running as an Independent for the 8th Congressional District of Virginia to focus government on the things that matter to the constituents (not their parties).

Geo, I would love your support:

Geo said...

A Moranic career -- Jim Moran made news again last week when his son was arrested for allegedly beating up his girlfriend on the streets of Washington. This is only the latest chapter in Jim Moran's soap opera-like political career:

"The day after Bill Clinton admitted to his affair with Monica Lewinsky on national television in 1998, Democratic Virginia Rep. Jim Moran lamented the baseness of the national scandal. 'This whole sordid mess is just too tawdry and tedious and embarrassing,' he said. 'It's like a novel that just became too full of juicy parts and bizarre, sleazy characters.' The criticism was stinging, mainly because Moran is a world-renowned expert in sleaze. ... Moran’s whole career has led from one embarrassment to another, from his numerous physical confrontations, to his bombastic accusations against individuals and even an ethnic group, to his history of sketchy financial dealings."

Read the full rap sheet, err, story.